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Wednesday, 27 July 2016


The railway project which has been in the works for the past few years has finally reached the point where people can now officially pay and get on board from Abuja to Kaduna and back. It was commissioned by the president of the federal Republic of Nigeria - Buhari with a huge entourgae of public figures including Rotimi Amaechi, the minister for transport. The train is by many standards a recommendable one to ride in - furnished will cool seats, business class and
economy or general class segments and all that. We expect to to be able to carry lots of luggage and trade goods as per market women and men concern.

The rail lines has about 9 stations or so though the IDU, KUBWA, JERE and KADUNA stations seem most popular in many gists of the day. We were asked by a Nyanya resident how they would benefit from the project and we answered like you would - If it is cheaper for you from your house and kinda convinient, then try else park well with your former bus or gold paroles.

We recommend that as much as you can, find time to take a ride and experience for yourself. It is no gainsaying that over 50% of Nigerians have never ridden on a "live" train before. Especially the young people who constitute a greater percentage of the Nigerian population today - ask your friends na....

It is very commendable also that it was a project well continued until completion. So kudos to the government and all parties involved. We hope that terminal stations are not announced in English only - Hausa, Pidgin and Chinese language should be included oh - The chinco constituency in Naija is booming inspite of the seeming recession - the hustle is real ma people.

The Kubwa train Station

We will be bringing you updates on this train paroles and yea before we forget, we hear that it is like N600 for a regular seat from KUBWA to KD, if there are any discounts or changes, we will let you all know.

Please drop your comments on any info that will help the ministry move forward on this rail matter or any matter especially the ones that help the kubwa vida loca!!!

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