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Monday, 8 August 2016

How and where to easily find plumbers, bricklayers, painters, etc. in kubwa

As long as we live in homes or anywhere that has been built up, there will be need for some repair or reconstruction or some facelift etc demands at one time or the other. You may want to repaint your house of room, you may urgently need to fix that broken pipe or leaking faucet, you may need to erect wall or add a slab so you little kid can climb the pavement with ease, whatever it is that requires such fixes and more above, here is just a little tip from us.

First of all, the major place where you can find these repair men is at
the Kubwa market - UNDER THE MANGO TREE. When you get there, you will definitely be welcomed by a swarm of men looking for someone to hire them for the day or some hours. You can then find suitable place to stand so as not to get scratched by a moving vehicle, let the men know what type of fix you are looking for. This filters the bunch to your specific need and after some informal interview, you can as well be on your way home or shop or site with a repair man or mason to take a look at the job requirement and possibly tell you how much it will cost you.

If the guy or man does a good job, you can make a customer out of him and he could be your link to other good workers over there when you have a need to fix or have a friend who needs some help from them. 

And yeah, you can get to the Kubwa market (Especially under the Mango tree) from anywhere you are in Kubwa. It is very close to the NYSC camp.

Feel free to drop your comments in this was helpful or you have some contribution to add to it.

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