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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Questions and Answers on using the Abuja-Kaduna railway to travel from kubwa to Kaduna.

It is no longer news that after two whole years of hard work, the long-awaited Kubwa to Kaduna rail line service is now a reality. here are some cool info about what the 187-kilometre standard gauge line has to offer and how well you can enjoy it.

QUESTIONS: I know you have some questions like; 

  • What time do I board? 
  • How much do I pay for my first class or my second class tickets? 
  • Can I ferry my 800 baskets of tomatoes from Kaduna? 
  • Can I book my ticket online? 
  • Is it possible to book a day or two days before? 
  • Is the railway secure? 

Since we didn't want you getting confused even before getting to the station or asking several friends who don't even know the rail line is operational already, Your darling “HELLOKUBWA” faithfully decided to find out from the people involved with the day to day running of the train. Here is what we found out.

The Kubwa train station or terminal is located near the Liberty Junction or Opposite former Daughters of Charity bus stop in Kubwa. You can take a bike from anywhere in or around Kubwa to the station or drive there. If you miss your way, be wise enough to ask any agreeable looking passer-by or Okda rider, it is not hard to Locate.

The first train leaves Kubwa to Kaduna by 7am and the second one leaves by 2pm. The first train from Kaduna to Kubwa leaves by 11.30am. The second one leaves by 6pm.

You don’t pay much for 1st class. You pay 900 Naira only. Your child will also enjoy a first class experience for half the price. You pay 900 for adult. 450 for children. 2nd Class goes for 600 Naira for adults and 300 Naira for children. Book early. You can’t book online for now. You can only book the same day.

At the moment, you can't ferry 800 baskets or less of tomatoes, onions or potatoes on the train. You are only allowed a moderate travelling bag(s) or luggage. The couches don't accommodate heavy duty  or plenty loads for now, but maybe in the nearest future they will.

So far so cool, the railway has got no security breaches so far, security personael can be spotted at the terminals and so areas not so far away but then, let's not forget to add that Oluwa is involved so no shaking.

Don't forget to take a lot of selfies on the road. Enjoy

Disclaimer: The info here is correct as at date of publication. We are not responsible for any changes that may occur from the train operations at any time beyond the current date, but we will update as soon as we get word.


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