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Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Hellokubwa stopped by just to observe the economic activities along the popular NNPC junction also known as Second Gate in Kubwa. What we discovered might make you quit your high-paying white collar job for life on the streets. Ok, that’s stretching it a little. But we discovered amazing things and Small Scale businesses booming along that road.


You will see bread of different shapes, sizes and textures. You will also see breads made of flour of different proportions and combinations. These bread are sold by people who ply their trade in cars along the popular NNPC junction.

Don’t ignore the clothes and the shoes because they are displayed on the floor. We couldn’t have a good view of this cloth/shoe business because they had customers all around them. The peak period is between 5pm-7pm due to people coming back from their work place.

Suya is a spicy shish kebab meat. Every Kubwa resident can easily relate with Mai Suya (Suya Seller) due to their conspicuous presence in every part of Kubwa. NNPC junction is a home to about 4 Suya spots. These people make good cash due to the human traffic in that area

Another booming business in that same NNPC spot is fruit business. From exotic fruits like apples to a more generic ones like oranges. NNPC is a home to all of them.

You can also stop by if you need to purchase or replace a hardware on your phone. You will always see wheel barrows and small shops with phones and other electronic accessories.

 You can find a lot more than the ones listed above in NNPC junction. You can find book sellers, light snack hawkers, DVD sellers, Recharge card sellers, and many more.

Small and medium scale business drives the economy of every City and Kubwa is not an exception. NNPC junction is contributing a lot to the economic activates of Kubwa and the nation in general.

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