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Thursday, 29 September 2016


His name is Ibrahim Yahaya and popularly known as "ACTION". He is physically challenged in his feet hence, he uses rollers to move about when not crawling.

He sweeps and cleans the Pedestrain bridge (Foot Bridge) at the NNPC junction in Kubwa everyday and often plays para-soccer in the evenings of other weekdays.Some people may not even know that he is a happy father of 2 lovely kids and also dutiful husband.

He was inspired to start cleaning the bridge when he decided that he could do more than just beg for alms. He made up his mind to stop begging and to add value by doing something that is more meaningful. That's how he got into what he does on a daily basis today and that is why we got talking with him.

Many passers-bye commend him for this good work and sometimes "drop Something" to encourage him. Even when there is no one dropping some money or kind words sometimes, he is determined to keep doing what he does. Who knows this man may set up a bridge cleaning or road cleaning firm business someday.

There is nothing too small to do; is it honourable? does it add any value to someone or the society? is it good for God and good for man? Just get up and get busy. You could one day be inspiring the world with that seeming little thing if you dress with diligence and purpose.

Do read and share.

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