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Tuesday, 13 September 2016


For the past few years and months, we have been hearing and seeing most people involved in physical fights with kubwa okada men, commonly known as abokis. Most of the times, the fights happen because of CHANGE, misunderstanding of languages etc. Your darling hellokubwa has come up with somethings to do to totally move and live free of physical or
verbal fights with the okada riders. Wait oh, why should you fight sef?

First of all, make sure your negotiations are well confirmed. which means, "make una yaan wella with the okada man before una climb ooo". This will ensure you are on the same page and reduce the chances of fight also.

Then the issue of change comes up, that one is not suppose to be an issue but it is, in fact it's like the biggest issue most time. You may be asking how much is N20 or N10 or N50. You will know when you are being held ransom for that change or the man if forming not having change just to squeeze you into leaving it for him. But that is not the point here, make sure you have change, or the  okada man has or you have a plan B to get at your destination or even tip the okada man for a good ride service. Abaa!! you can do that na!! aboki guy. We all need each other so no need to fight over what could help us be better friends or customers.

On a lighter note, it is important make sure you are happy or smiling before calling an aboki oooo, so that you wont call an aboki and get an angry price and you will now start abusing or shouting  at him. That can bring fight. So it's better to call an aboki man with a smile on the face. Fight no good ooooo, make we stop am or at least reduce to barest minimum and our kubwa go continue to dey better! 

With things like this, kubwa is easier kinda to live!!!

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