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Thursday, 22 September 2016


There was this rainbow colour that felt it was not bright enough. Whenever all the other colours came out in their brightness to shine after a downpour, it hid behind their brilliance and marvelled at the spectacle. And with each passing moment of its marvelling, it reinforced its interior conviction that it was not good enough to feature in the midst of such glorious splendour. When it was allowed to see how
people who see the kaleidoscopic beauty of the colours in the raiment of their glory, it felt more downcast than ever telling itself that it will have to wait until it can be sparkingly stunning before it will ever find it's place among with the others.

One day while the others displayed their beauty for the world, the red colour turned around and saw the dejected colour mesmerised by the display but with a shadow over its face.
Colour Red called out, "Hey! Why aren't you taking part in this splendour?"
But dejected colour shockingly looked up and was at a loss as to explain his demeanour.
So, momentarily leaving it's place in the spectrum of the rainbow, colour Red walked over to the dejected colour and the most remarkably wonderful thing happened. The closer it got to dejected colour, the more resplendent colour Red became and by the time Red was helping dejected colour to stand and bringing it to join in the array of the rainbow, its red quality was blindingly bright.
Colour Red explained it to the stunned dejected colour.
"Alone, we don't appear that bright. But," colour Red insisted raising a finger to drive home the point, "when we all shine in our different shades and colours, together, whether bright or grey, brilliant or subdued, when we all bring those qualities peculiar to us into the pool of our beauties and nothing is brighter, nothing is more beautiful."
Dejected colour was only just beginning to understand when it noticed that it was beginning to glow as well. It began as a little warmth at its core, but as that joined the vast array of the other colours that were beautifying the world below by their different shades, it had become a burst of joy inside of it. At that close proximity with other colours, it realised that they were not all the same. Some were darker than he thought when he saw them from a distance. Others were blinking their colours and not as constantly as the rest. Some didn't have a colour of their own but reflected a mixture of the colours around them. But one thing was certain and he found it in the final words that colour Red said,
"Only when we bring the little in us - that part that no one else has because no one else is us - only when we bring that to the front does it make a difference to the world."
It was a lesson Dejected colour didn't forget in a hurry.
So, you may feel too small, too unprepared, too young, too this or too that and that is why you don't want to come to the front. But, in so doing, you deny the world what it could have gained from your presence. That which only you can give to it, because you are unique and you are different from everyone else.
Agreed, you may not write like me, but there is something you can write about which will never occur to me because I'm not you. And when you bring that uniqueness out, the world is a better place.
Don't wait till tomorrow. The best time to start was yesterday. The second best time? Today.

Credits: Moore Numental


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