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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

What came out of past reccessions that could bring about a 'good' thing in a "not so good" condition.

There are two sides to a story. We don't expect anyone who lost their job to see anything
positive about recession. But we want to look at the good side since a lot of media houses
have done a lot on the negative side of recession. Let's look at the companies that sprang
up during recession. Some of them will shock you!

Microsoft Corporation
Bill Gates made huge strides to business stardom  in the recession-plagued early 80’s with the success of MS-DOS. Today, Microsoft is a multinational company with branches all over the world,offering a wide range of products and services and an estimated revenue of over $60 billion a year.

Cable News Network was founded by Ted Turner right in the middle of the 1980 recession.
It was first slated to offer a 24-hour all-news channel. Today, approximately 1.5 billion
people across the globe watch CNN.

MTV Networks
Since a lot of people were laid off during the recession. This means a lot of
people had more time for TV. Hence the birth of MTV in 1981 as an all music channel. The rest they say is history

Hewlett-Packard (HP)
After the great depression, HP started as an electronics company in a garage in Palo Alto,
California. The founders, William (Bill) Hewlett and David (Dave) Packard, started with an
early investment of US$538. Today, HP has outlets all over the world with over a
$100 billion in revenue.

Harsh economic conditions should not be the end of a business. Businesses and organizations will downsize while others will grow, having found new ways of doing things. This is just a few example of some famous companies that got their start  in the harshest of economic conditions.

Maybe we will be writing about your success story at the end of this recession.

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