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Friday, 4 November 2016


The past few days have not been particularly funny for alot of people. The residents of some areas in Kukwaba and Village market area of Kubwa have been having a black November. Though we learnt that the affected residents have been forewarned of an impending demolition exercise by the Bwari and AMAC development peeps, they didn't see this coming this soon and this hard.

While some are Ok with the move stating that, it was high time they even left the
shanty looking area and crime prone zone, others lamented about the hard times that could make this an even depressing episode. Some where left in tears as they had no where to go or move their belongings to. Others made do with friends' and families in other areas of Abuja, some had to sleep or temporary relocate in the nearby primary schools or churches. These are imminent IDPs in Abuja in some way.

We pray that solution comes in good time both individually and from the authority so that hoodlums who are already looting the vulnerable homes and people affected don't have make a party from this.

We will also like to add that that the market area was affected in the demolition, so you may want to call your customer before going to the market or just make alternative plans before you go check. 

If you were affected by the demolition,please ensure your properties and wards are moved out in good time so that those "bad gangs" don't visit at night demanding for the rest.

Let us also lend a helping hand to as much people who are affected that we can help in one way or the other - helping them while moving out, watching over their wards, informing them of any support or aid services available , searching for an affordable home for them, etc.. a kind word could help a broken heart in times like this. 

Although it may have started like a black November for these people, we can light it up with the little way we can and make the rest of the year, perhaps better for them.

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