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Tuesday, 8 November 2016


  Zahra Buhari shared her sad experience at the burial of the seven soldiers who died in Maiduguri. Sharing photos from the sad event she wrote;

"Yesterday, I experienced a burial for the first time in my life. Right before my eyes I saw our 7 heroes laid to rest, I couldn't hold back my tears. I looked up and saw my mother wiping away her tears and then Lt. Gen. Buratai's voice shaking as he gave his touching speech to bid good bye for the last time. Lt Gen Buratai listed town after town, village after village that were recaptured by the army led by our 7 fallen soldiers.

Tears rolled down as though I had known them all my life. They sacrificed everything they had for us and gave it their all in every battle. I thought to myself "This is the epitome of patriotism!" .
All our fallen heroes shall not be forgotten. The patriotism I had in my heart before the burial was very much but by the end of the event it had doubled!! We have" country but Nigeria. We shall remain here and savage it together"

The bravery, courage and patriotism of our soldiers is an example to every Nigerian, it is the true definition of "leading by example".
May Almighty shower his blessings and mercy on all our fallen heroes. You shall never be forgotten.

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