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Saturday, 14 January 2017


Often times, a lot of people have New Year resolutions which are in themselves very good. However, in a few weeks or months, some can’t even remember what they were or they start feeling drained already especially when things don’t seem to be clicking yet. Just like a football game, a coach could have a match plan A, B or even C. But then a red Card or to one of his men or even a ref’s wrong call could change everything. This doesn’t mean he has to loose just like that, the team could go on and “make history” despite the odds against them or “make excuses” using the odds against them.

This year we want to do something different, we will like you to make New life resolutions, create a new and better lifestyle from where you are with what you have to get to where you want to, trusting God for the things you cannot directly control.

We have listed 17 areas where you
can consider these adjustments and make a better 2017 and the years to come….you can add your own and inspire others as well.

1. Learn that skill you have been always planning to all these past years
2. Start Exercising and eating healthy 
3. Take that class or course you’ve been planning to take
4. Read that book or those books you’ve always talked about reading
5. Start the business with the little you have and be diligent to help it grow
6. Start praying like you’ve always wanted to and watch God answer
7. Reconcile or reconnect with that family member or friend you’ve been postponing
8. Start saving little money from what you earn of are given, you can even start with a savings box
9. Cut some TV addiction time and channel the saved time to other resourceful things
10. Invest more love expressions in your family and relationships
11. Travel to that place you’ve always wanted to go especially if you can afford it
12. Take time to relax and celebrate your success at this level then move ahead
13. Take time to care about what the people you love or lead care about and connect more
14. Laugh more, reduce the complaining or frowning, take time to look for good things and be happy about them.
15. Take time to Celebrate others when good thing happen to or for them.
16. Learn more about the internet, technology, social media etc. they are today’s reality
17. Fix that or those broken items in your house, some are so easy to do, you will be surprised you left it just there so long.

*You can add more that will help you or even others improve their lives from this year and beyond, little things could make a huge huge difference..

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