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Monday, 6 February 2017


If you look around the new colours of kubwa, i mean the new stuffs coming up in Kubwa, you will notice that alot of thriving enterprises are flocking the hood. For your info, more Bank branches will soon be opening in Kubwa - take a look at the multi-billion naira complexes being developed at the Kukwaba area and the Kubwa market area. Ha!!!!! you would say, but that's not all, there are more fast-food springing up here and there than in the last 20 years or more in Kubwa. 

Did you even know that there are schools that pay as much as 250k per term in Kubwa? Don't think too much, just ask a few Kubwa veterans who know that Total Filling Station Area, they may
show you. The list goes on and on. Educational services is a big cake in kubwa. The largest tutoring centre in the whole of the FCT is situated right here in kubwa. You already know the one am talking about.

In our candid view, you should brace up for the bigger things coming, whether there is an economic recession or any other kind of recession, you can say that Kubwa is witnessing an ascension into a more virile and cosmopolitan satellite town like no other in Abuja or maybe in the entire Naija.

So get your thinking caps on and never remove them, cos as these things happen, opportunities will spring up and lots of other fun and remarkable stuffs to translate the Kubwa of today into something closely alike to the picture above if not even better will savour the air. 

What are your thoughts on this?

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  1. Well, we hope to see a better Kubwa....this one Kubwa is beautiful.������


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