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Tuesday, 13 June 2017


Over the past few weeks, there have been so much reports of theft going on in Kubwa. While we acknowledge the fact that sometimes, these things happen, we can also add a thing or two to prevent or reduce such occurrences that will ultimately help to safeguard lives and properties.

Here are a few tips from yet another perspective to stay security conscious in kubwa and environs

1. Always check your locks and doors again before you sleep or close shops.
During the very hot season, a lot of people leave their doors open or nets so that fresh air can flow in. Many times they forget to
lock the doors or even gates and the thieves have an easy passage to the house while everyone is asleep and by the time you wake up, it will be like say dem don jazz you!!

2. Know your Neighbours at home and shop areas
By this we mean, try to at least have your neighbour's contact number so that if you notice an unholy movement around their area or fence or zinc or such, you may not be able to come out, but can alert your neighbour so they can take caution. If you don't have their contact, how will this work. So pause the beef and be safer. If they don't have yours, how can they alert you also? so you see...we need each other more than we pretend not to sometimes..

3. Police emergency lines
Try to get the police emergency lines so in the case of an emergency whether in your house or neighborhood, you can ring the police sharp sharp..for Kubwa - 09093983594, FCT - 08061581938 you can also try the 122 Road Safety emergency number, 

4. Safety for cars at night and when you travel
As much as it lies in your power, make effort to pack your cars in safe places. Sometimes, these men of the night come around when it is raining and you can barely hear a sound because of the thunderstorms and raindrops. They can make away with car batteries and other valuables from cars. The fact that you have been doing this doesn't mean it's all safe, try to find a space if your compound is too small or you really have to leave early without disturbing anyone - you can go park in a hotel, or even police station or anywhere you think has an eye watching them when you sleep.

Do you have any other tips?..please comment and share, you may just be saving someone or helping in a big way...

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