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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

10 Important Skills that can Significantly Improve your Life and Pocket Before the End of 2017

We have compiled 10 important skills that if you commit 5-10 weeks to learn, will significantly improve your value, sense of worth, confidence and can even enlarge your pocket if you decide to create a business from your chosen one(s).

Before you go through this list, hear this,
"Proficiency, is really only 20 hours away - Kauffman, 2013, TED Talk)

If you divide that into two- or three-hour chunks, that's about a week's worth of practice.

Alright, there we go!!!

1. Learn to speak the basics of a new language
2. Learn to Play a (New) Instrument
3. Learn to cook a new dish
4. Learn how to use how to use Microsoft Excel for more than just simple tables.
5. Learn about financial literacy and Investment basics - stocks, bonds, bills, budgeting, etc. It is not as scary as you think.
6. Learn an Artistic Skill like Illustration, Painting, Photography, etc.
7. Learn how to write better
8. Learn how to read faster
9. Learn how to take beautiful photos and edit them
10. Learn how to code

PS: You can actually teach yourself some of these skills and master them in little no time.

11. So you still want to learn? Ok this 1 will blow your mind:


  • How to button your shirt with one hand
  • How to have your bath with half a bucket of water or less
  • How to cook with a microwave oven
  • Find new shortcuts to your house
  • How to remove cobwebs from under your fridge

Did we miss anything?..let us know...else

Which of these is lingering in your mind already?

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