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Tuesday, 3 October 2017


We all al watched movies at one point or the other in our lives. Some of us are even watching a moving by the side right now while some are wating for "NEPA BRING LIGHT" so they can finish the movie they were watching. Movies are just cool, especially really good ones.

Still on the movie matter, we expereice, learn and are exposed to alot while watching movies. We can improve our vocabularies, learn about other parts of the country or world, other cultures etc. We can also be inspired and motivated by some stories to something so good, we want to take some positive action for our lives, to help others, to better community or society, etc. or even start a business.

To this end and more, we have listed a few movies that could help teach or inspire a thing or two, especially in the ares of business or improving your life
that you will be grateful for in the nearest future.

In no particular order, you should watch or re-watch these

1. The Pursuit of Hapiness
2. The Social Network
3. The Internship
4. Three Idiots
5. The Shawshank Redemption
6. Moneyball
7. Pirates of Silicon Valley
8. Rocky
9. Steve Jobs
10. Wall STreet
11. Jerry Maguire
12. Call of the Entrepreneur
13. Flash of Genius
14. Office SPace
15. Glengarry Glen Ross
16. Office Space

17. ???? (you can add  so we and others can go watch and learn youu

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