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Friday, 3 November 2017


Happy November everyone, It's gonna be a November to remember for all the right things.Just a few thoughts that found their way into the new month that I guess, could strike some chords, maybe, make a tune.
1. There are very few things that we made ourselves. Many more were made alongside others or by others, for us or with us. So before we put the "I am self-made" chorus on repeat, remember someone thought how to even button up a shirt.

2. We have the capacity to impact another life with kindness at least a person per month, in a year, it will be 12, in ten years, it will be 120 and it could get to 300 and 400 and more in a lifetime. If these numbers represent the number of people we consciously impact in our lifetime, we could have made a whole lot of difference.

3. No matter how correctly we witnessed, saw, heard, the incidence, always leave a little room for "just in case I missed a moment". A single moment of even less than a second can greatly affect a story or narrative or even judgment on a matter. If they say no one is perfect, apply it to your initial judgment and lesser and lesser number of people will still have their rightful dignity in our sight. Of course, this is not to say you can't get something absolutely right, but it won't be outta place to have this thought as back up.

If there are more calm thoughts for November, we will be delighted to be have a great weekend yo!

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