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Thursday, 21 December 2017


Social media has come to stay!! Facebook and the like are not just social tools or properties, they are a part of our communication in our day-to-day journey. Not only can social media help you connect to others in  a simple and cheap way, you can also intentionally improve your life, elevate your mentality and even create more opportunities for success this coming 2018. Here are 5 ways you can use social media profitably for life and success this 2018;

1. Join groups that you can learn from.
You can follow pages of interests you want to build and learn about. There are thousands upon thousands resources of social media that you can harness for cheap or free and learn invaluable skills, lessons and even upgrade your network base.

2. Contribute.
Whether or not you are following a page or involved in a group, determine to contribute. You can say "thank you" in comment areas of a post or article that insired you. You can wirte and do a post as well. It doesn't have to be perfect at day 1, but keep at it, your sun is surely rising.

3. Take courses or classes. many online classes and courses now reside on social media. It is easy to link up and find the relevant ones for you. If you invest in knowledge and understanding, sustianable success will keep you company for a long long time.

4. Share good stuffs. Don't insist on saying things like say "i like keeping it to myself" or "let them not think i am disturbing them". If you find a good content of values soomewhere, click the "share" button. You never know who you will be inspigint to actions that can succeed evenn beyound. Share good stuffs, like them and comment on them.

5. Protect yourself. After learning all these, you have to protect your self, especially your mind. Don't let all the garbage flowing through many canals of social media settle permanently in your compound. Filter the contents with your value systems before your rent a space for them in your abode.

We learn, we grow, we accelerate...Happy 2018

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