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Wednesday, 20 June 2018


The holiday season for most kids, school leavers, undergraduates and many other people is gradually drawing nearer.
Holidays are usually for relaxing and recuperating. However, after a few days or week, the body needs to get moving with stuffs. The kids may want to travel or learn something new. The older ones may want to visit friends, while away time, do things school prevented them from doing for many months. You know how it is.

My people, also remember that Holidays are for upgrading yourself. You can enrol your kids in courses they will not normally take in school. Let them learn new things, meet new people, have new exposures. These are all part of life's education. They will thank you later.


It is not all about academics, you can learn some new skills or even handiwork. Don't leave your wards behind on this once cs it can come in handy someday sooner than you think. It is better to prepare for opportunities and keep waiting, than for opportunity to come and meet you unprepared. It is that type that leads to depression and even hatred for some "village people", thinking they are the cause of misfortunes.

School leavers, graduates and undergrads alike, corper, job-seeker and job "haver", any one you belong to, use this season well and take your success to the next level.

You can take lessons or classes or even training seminars or online training one these and much more:

1. Sewing
2. Chef-style-cooking (Food processing)
3. Interior decor design
4. Public speaking
5. Solar inverter installations
6. Painting
7. Satellite Cable installation and maintenance
8. ICT skills - Networking, Online skills, web design, graphic design , etc
9. Make-up classes
10. Customer care, sales and marketing, Office Admin, Virtual Assistance, etc
11. Gele tying
12. Auto diagonistics and repairs
13. Driving
14. Swiming

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