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Monday, 2 July 2018


This is a quick post just to highlight certain wonderful things going on in kubwa, especially in the business arena.

Just some basic questions to get our minds thinking so our eyes can see (opportunities) clearly...

LETS GO!!!!!


Have you noticed the big new investments that have been coming into kubwa in the last couple of months?

The train station an terminal, Crush cafe, Nadrem's additional outlets, those Lounges along Gado Nasco Road, Wholesale shops, New Mega supermarkets, New Market complexes, Residential Estates, etc.

These go to show you that investors have found that the economic power and standard of living in kubwa is on the rise.

Many people whose income base is increasing are rather choosing to remain in kubwa than to relocate to a more expensive Abuja metropolis like Wuse, Maitama, Jabi and the likes.


The younger generation who came to Kubwa as squatters, corpers, job seekers, new employees, etc. are growing up and establishing themselves in Kubwa, so more spending power. 

Lot's of new and young families in Kubwa, so population in Kubwa is increasing.

Bigger schools and even more expensive ones are being established, because they know hundreds if not thousands of people in Kubwa and even beyond can afford them. These people live in kubwa.

Many civil servants moved into kubwa when they were younger staff. Today, many are directors, Executives, Senior staff, etc and yet still reside in Kubwa. Higher positions, higher earnings, more disposable income, etc. Many of them are landlords now and are almost permanently residing in Kubwa even after retirement.


The question is, what opportunities are you seeing for your business, ideas, services, talent, etc. 

Find your niche or whatever you can do that can either solve Kubwa peoples' problems, make life easier for them or be of any kind of good value for them. They will be glad to pay for the value your create or provide.


  • What can you produce?
  • What can you provide?
  • What can you do?
  • What do you see?

Most importantly, what actions are you taking towards taking advantage of the opportunities that are beginning to abound even all the more in Kubwa.

You can grow from Kubwa and impact the World with your stuff. Get started, get busy growing and making progress!!!


Cheers to your success and many more!!!!

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