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Monday, 16 July 2018


This is STRAIGHT OUTTA KUBWA -  A special feature of - The fastest growing community blog in Abuja, Nigeria.

Today, we have Prince Bright aka iRAP in the building...can I get some yay!!! Ok staright to the matter.


HK: Hello Mr iRAP!
iRAP: Hello, good afternoon Hellokubwa, and all the wonderful peeple and my growing fans out there.

HK: So iRap, is that your birth name or what is your "real name"..hehe
iRAP: My name is Prince Bright D. Adeyinka

HK: Your name plenty oh,..kidding, So what do you do?

iRAP: I am a gospel rapper and flow in English and Yourba fluently. I am also a Student at the Federal University of Technology, Minna - FUTMINNA


HK: Hmmmm, sounds intersting. So when did you start rapping or what made you start rapping?

iRAP: I started rapping 4 years ago, that was like 2014. I have always loved music and rap especially. My interest grew and it was getting very visible for all to see.But something interesting happened and it is a tipping point in my story.

HK: Tell us that something..

iRAP:I was in SS3, preparing for WAEC and her cousins JAMB and NECO, and this new guy joins us in school in SS3. He loved to rap and was actually rapping in school. So i thought to myself, "i will like to do this, infact i can do this". I approached him soon afterwards and in a few days we did a song together in the school fellowship gathering. That was the first rap I ever wrote and ever performed. It was well received and i was encouraged.

HK: What is the guy's name?

iRAP:Emmanuel Oguche

HK: Emmanuel Oguche, if you are reading this, your guy don waka oh and he still remembers you very well. Welldone!!!

HK: Back to you, iRAP. So how has it been since then?


iRAP: I have gone ahead since the to write many other raps, done collaborations, performances in other states in Nigeria. 

HK: Oh wow!!! We even learned you won Best Teen rapper in Abuja at the Christ Embassy Abuja Rap Talent Hunt and Competition.

iRAP: Oh yeah, that that was in 2017! It was a major point in my rap journey too. The exposure was awesome and even the judges and audiences were blessed by the rap. I still remain grateful to God!!

HK: do you have a youtube channel or where everyone can go check out what you have done and enjoy it as well or even reach you?

iRAP: Oh yes i do. The youtube channel is "Prince bright irap" or you can click  to get there directly.

HK: What about your other social media handles and stuffs?

iRAP: I roll more on instagram and facebook and you can reach me on Prince Bright for facebook and princebright_international on instagram

HK: Apart from rap, do you have other interest and things you do?

iRAP:Oh yes! I am a growing social media trainer and manager, I help clients manage accounts and also teach newbies how to get the best of their social media properties.

HK: You do these for free or?

Irap: depends, but generally, my rates are very affordable. You can contact me if you are interested to know more or when the need arises, it will always arise...(laughs)

HK: It's been nice having you around. Do you have any final words young people out there and shout outs for some people you want to hail?

iRAP: To the young people out there, keep dreaming and working on on your dreams. Do not relent, find ways and take advantage of opportunities to let the world see what you've got in you. God didn't create you a nobody. You may not be popular yet, but your life can be significant by doing your best in all you do.

iRAP: Also, shout out to my mum who has been my father and mother since dad passed in 2012. Still love and miss you dad!  I love you mum and will do you proud. To my brother Pflash and sisters, Glory and Divine, you are the best. Special appreciation to my Christ Embassy Kubwa Family. My life has never been the same since i came in contact with you. Thank you so much Pastor Chris Oyahkilome, Pastor Emma and Foluke Eze, Pastor Beatrice and all the Co-ordinators of the teens church and the amazing teens themselves, I can't thank you enough. God bless you!! Mega thanks to my fans, your encouragement has been phenomenal and means alot to me, I promise not to let you down. And to my collegues in FUTMINNA, i appreciate you guys. Most importantly, to GOD ALMIGHTY who has been my every present help all the time. I am forever grateful to you dear Lord. Thank you!

HK: It's been simply nice having you today and we look forward to celebrating more of your success stories.

iRAP: Thank you for having me, I am grateful for the opportunity.

HK: That's it for this feature, keep it locked at for other inspiring, informative and educative posts. Cheers!!


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