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Tuesday, 14 August 2018


Kubwa's growing population and earning power is fast translating into cashflow. New families are moving in daily and the quest for services, products and other consumables are in increasing demands.

Leisure is a fast growing business area in Kubwa and he that knoweth how to package fun things for his audience shall reap good gains.

We have put together 5 business you can start with N20,000 - twenty thousand Naira or less in Kubwa that can begin to yield profit in as soon as 14 days.


You can leverage on your knowledge of subject areas for children and students and charge good money for it. Many times, parents want their kids not just to learn subjects but to maintain motivation and zeal to study. If you can provide these and demonstrate passion and commitment towards knowledge impartation, the money will follow.

New Entrant charge from N5,000 - 15,000 per child, per month for three to four days per week. Focus on building a good brand be delivering quality teaching and learning experiences for your clients, even bigger fees and recommendations to other parents will follow naturally.


Training and motivation people to get fit through regular exercise is another flourishing business in Kubwa. Nearly every foot bridge and open areas are filled on weekend morning and many other days. Both women and men want to live healthier and keep fit. If you can package yourself well, you can get some clients. You can start by some form of offering free sessions and sell private sessions or other merchandise until you are more popular. You can add, extras, like check your BP, BMI, etc as extra values in your programme. God go bless your handiwork.


With more people in Kubwa, there are definitely more mouths to fill and bellies to feed. People must eat and as long as you are diligent, you will always sell and make profit on this one. Your family can feed from here and you will still make profit. Although, this business can be very demanding, but over time, the smiles will over shadow the stress. Persist!


You can bring in clothes, shoes and other fashion goods from places of cheaper purchase and resell in kubwa. There are day time and night time market. You can build a customer base that you can be doing home delivery on occasions. You don't need any store to start. You can start from your room and advertise online using free services on sites like You can also run targeted Facebook ads to promote the business and reach more people beyond your physical reach.

If you don't know how to buy from cheap sites in China and come to resell for good gain, you are on a long thing. This is one business that you can make upward of 150%  profit on the products after sales.You can search for opportunities to buy and sell directly, you can also sign up for training on mini-importation and learn well for the purpose of doing it. You can call Techpatriate Services on 07085160694, they offer this training in conjunction with Brekete family of the Human Rights Radio, 101.1 FM.

There are no good enough excuses, this is August 2018, make this year count, get doing today.

kindly share this post so that others in your world can take advantage of information.

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