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Tuesday, 11 September 2018


Before you leave Kubwa someday or celebrate your 2nd or 3rd or 4th residence anniversary in Kubwa, you should try any of these 3 things. Not only will they be fun, they can help build bonds between friends, families, mates, colleagues, company staff, etc. They will also go down in history as some of your best experiences in life. Trust me, they can be that good.

1. Go for a mountain or rock hike on any of those rocks in Kubwa.

You can easily access most of them from Arab road, Biazhin across and also from Dutse. I promise, you and your loved ones or friends will love it. You can use your phones and cameras to take good pictures, record the journey and make small videos you can watch again and again. You can also do a family or friends picnic along side the climb. Don't delay any longer, shake up a little, have some good memorable fun and healthy experience too.

2. Take a train trip to Kaduna and back

Do you know you can just walk to the train station, pay for the next available trip to Kaduna. Even if you don't know anyone in kaduna or have anywhere to visit, you can just roll with the train, disembark at the final Kaduan station, get your return ticket, and come back with the very same train. By so doing, you would have experienced an awesome ride through the trees, communities, stops and more in the journey. Take good selfies and pictures when you make this trip. You will thank yourself and if it involved family and friends, it will be an awesome time too, beautiful memories to share in the coming years.

3. Take an evening out to seat outdoor at the crush cafe

This is no commercial ploy to promote crush cafe, but it the arguably the most captivating outdoor seat-out in Kubwa. You can enjoy cool music, play badminton and some other table games while enjoying food, grills, shakes and more. You can take yourself out or form a band of friends or family. Nights are particularly beautiful there with the dazzling lighting and fresh air in abundance. You also don't need to spend a lot of money to enjoy the outing, so don't think too pocket-far.

I hope this nudges you to start planning the next fun things and memories you will like to create. Make sure you have fun.


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    1. awesome....these are some of the interesting things's a residential satellite town but with alot of upwardly mobile people ..lovely place...thanks for your comment...

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