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Friday, 26 October 2018

Great Words, Great Kids (EP1) - Words to help you raise your children to be great!

Words of affirmation to help build up your children like an edifice.

The collections you will be seeing here are in themselves, not exhaustive but will start you out on this journey and before long more affirmations for different circumstances will be flowing out of you seamlessly. 

Your children or wards will be better off because of these glorious affirmations. You will be more aligned in better ways to raise your children better, especially talk with and about them. 

The words you speak to, and over them, today, go a long way in shaping the future and how they will handle their future. You can do immensely from the place of affirmation.

Children are awesome, raise them well.

Children are delicate, speak well to and of them.

Children are smart, appreciate and encourage them.

Children are remarkable, celebrate them.

Children are fun, invest and enjoy your time with them.

Children can be naughty, correct them.

Children can be selfish, teach them to share.

Children can be ignorant, expose them to the right stuff.

Children can be curious and also fearful; build their faith, courage and boldness with the best words.

Children will not depart from the way you intentionally raise them. Not to fulfill your unlived dreams, but to live their best to the Worship of God and service to mankind.

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