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Sunday, 14 October 2018

The Birth, Death and Resurrection of a Dream!

Learned this some years ago and I remain grateful.

Many of us have dreams or have been given dreams and visions. Some dreams have been actualized, some others are in the oven, some others may be looking dead in one way or another. Some are even looking like they may never happen in this lifetime, maybe in another world.

Wait a minute, come with me!!

The birth of the dream:

Dreams are born from different kind of wombs. The womb of inspiration, passion, aspiration even a very hot "ginger" after an experience or hearing other peoples' experiences. At the beginning, it all looks so possible, faith is high, abilities are soaring, there is high hope for support and all that. Everything is falling in place, especially on paper, meetings, presentations, etc.

And then.......

The death of the dream.

So much brain and even prayer work has gone in but there is little to show for it. the dream is looking gradually difficult, then delayed, then impossible. Disappointments from unmet expectations, failed promises, unforeseen circumstances, etc. begin to resume in the picture. Before long, they settle, the dream is choked, some go into coma, some even "die". Weeks and months and even years and decades roll by. Silently, regrets and maybe resentment for those who may have failed us sets in. Sometimes it was not their fault, maybe they were dealing with issues too... that is not for today...

But you are still alive....

The resurrection of the dream:

Because you are still breathing, there is hope my friend. Don't quit. Some people heard this and still dared to talk about their dreams, some started taking the baby steps they could. Positive thoughts started replacing and displacing negative thoughts, Possibilities awoke, Faith started inspiring new actions, Energy is borne, Favour comes by, everything is waking up again. The dream is alive again. It has risen from the dead!!! AND You are back on your feet again!!!


You may not be able to fulfill all of the resurrected or even new dreams now, but you can be a part of the fulfillment by supporting others who are on track. In that, you can also be fulfilled.

God dey, You're not Alone.

Don't give up, Your dreams can still live again!!

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