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Friday, 16 November 2018

Great Words, Great Kids (EP2) - Words of blessings and upliftment for your kids.

The world as we know it today has been shaped by words since the very beginning. If the universe and earth in all their grandeur were made by words, were spoken into existence, how much more the life and direction of your children and wards. You can speak life, peace, health, goodness, greatness and excellence into their lives and it shall be so!

You can contribute immensely to setting them up for an irreversible glorious and remarkable life by speaking the right words upon and into their lives. Even in the face of challenges, misbehavior, you will learn to look beyond their shortcomings at such moments and see how they ought to be, how God would want them to be.

Many may say they don't know what exactly to say or speak over these kids and soon run out of expressions even if they so desire to do it. Don't worry no more, to this end was this collection prepared. 

They are powerful, beautiful, inspiring words and affirmations that can start you out or encourage you even all the more in speaking life and greatness into the lives of your wards and children. 

Over time, you will find  more of these kinds of words and affirmations bubbling out from within you naturally, so much so, you will always have words that will bless and uplift children around you, setting them up for a great life.

There is no telling what these great words and more will do in the lives of these great kids entrusted to your care. Start from here and see them blossom into  trees of blessings to their generation.

These words can be audibly spoken to the hearing of your kids. However, if your kids can read, you can teach them to personalize the confessions when they speak them.

Put "I" wherever you see "you" when speaking these words of blessings and affirmations. For example, "you are a child of God" can be read as "I m a child of God". You have the ability to make progress in your studies...." as "I have the ability to make progress in my studies....". 

If your kids are not physically present speak these words, call their names if you so desire. For example: Jennifer is a child of God, she is smart and intelligent, she does not struggle to understand what is taught her, etc. You get it now, right?

Let the affirmations begin!


You are blessed in all you do and everywhere you go. 
You carry the blessings of God with you.

You will always shine and bring forth great results and testimonies in all that is assigned in to your care.

You have found favour with God and men, therefore goodness and mercy follow you everyday.

You are protected of the Lord in your going out and coming in, in your play and in your sleep. You are healthy and well always.

You are an obedient child and the fruits of obedince will always follow you. 

You walk in the way of the Lord and as you grow, you will not depart from it. 

You are established by God and planted in hi house forever.You shall always bring joy and rejoicing to heaven and earth. 

You triumph over sickness, death, lack, folly, fear, discouragement, by the power of God which is increasingly at work in you always.

You will never be disadvantaged in life, you have help whenever you need it, good things are not withheld from you, nothing is too good for you, you cup runs over, goodness and mercy follow you all the day of your life and you shall always serve the Lord. 

You are of a godly lineage because you have been born into Christ therefore, no contrary powers can lay hold of you, your destiny is in God and you you will fulfill all he has desired for you to do in this life.

 Nothing can stand against you successfully!!!


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