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Saturday, 22 December 2018

Great Words, Great Kids (EP3) - Words of blessings and upliftment for your kids this season and always!!

These words can be audibly spoken to the hearing of your kids. However, if your kids can read, you can teach them to personalize the confessions when they speak them.

Put "I" wherever you see "you" when speaking these words of blessings and affirmations. For example, "you are a child of God" can be read as "I m a child of God". You have the ability to make progress in your studies...." as "I have the ability to make progress in my studies....". 

If your kids are not physically present speak these words, call their names if you so desire. For example: Jennifer is a child of God, she is smart and intelligent, she does not struggle to understand what is taught her, etc. You get it now, right?

Let the affirmations begin!

You are stable, consistent in character, full of Godly and pleasant attitude always. You are a delight-some place and men shall be lighted up by your life.

In the day of challenges, you shall not be weary or feeble because your strength is not small, you have been made mighty through God. You will always win and bring back testimonies of victories.

You are full of honour and virtue. The Lord elevates you beyond your wildest imagination. You can do all things through Christ who is your strength. You see and walk in ability always.

You say the right things, think the right thoughts and act the right way always. You are lover of God's word and beautiful demonstrator of his many sided wisdom and colours.

God has done you well, for he does all things well, you are complete in him, nothing broken or missing, you are fearfully and wonderfully made. God loves you his thoughts concerning you are of good always.


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