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Monday, 24 December 2018

Great Words, Great Kids (EP4) - Words of blessings and good health to build up your kids today and always!!

These words can be audibly spoken to the hearing of your kids. However, if your kids can read, you can teach them to personalize the confessions when they speak them.

Put "I" wherever you see "you" when speaking these words of blessings and affirmations. For example, "you are a child of God" can be read as "I m a child of God". You have the ability to make progress in your studies...." as "I have the ability to make progress in my studies....". 

If your kids are not physically present speak these words, call their names if you so desire. For example: Jennifer is a child of God, she is smart and intelligent, she does not struggle to understand what is taught her, etc. You get it now, right?

Let the affirmations begin!
You walk and function in divine health all the days of your life. 

Your life is sustained by God's word therefore you live above sickness and disease.

No infection can successfully live in your body, it passes out immediately, for you are the temple of the Living God, created unto beauty and health always.

You are protected from any hazards and dangerous exposures of you body and organs. 

You recover quickly and are restored to complete wellness.

The life of God is at work in you, in your body, in your blood, in your bones, in every thing about you. 

You are healthy and strong, full of strength and life, full of vigour and beauty. 

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