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Sunday, 30 December 2018


3. You need more money to be able to support a classmate or friend or even family who is facing unfortunate circumstances:

You need more money to be able to support a classmate or friend or even family who is facing unfortunate circumstances, which lack of money is making worse. Many times, we will like to donate or render other forms of assistance, but due to lack of funds we are angry and disappointed that we can't do much as compared to what we would have loved to do if we had more money. 

So beyond yourself, you can have more money for the sake of being able to help others in need. This brings a higher sense of fulfillment than many things in life, being able to be of genuine help to others in need.

4. You need more money to travel - Exposure through travel is one of the best forms of life's education: 

Travel is an essential part of learning, it gives you exposure to other cultures, people, nations, etc. Sometimes even "student-exchange" opportunities pass by because many students don't have enough money to afford the travel expenses. Many Nigerian Universities have these opportunities even though they may not advertise it, but if you ask, you will find out. Additionally, If you had more income, it would have been more possible or easier for others to support you.

5. Money to kick off well after graduation or even start a small business: 

You need more money especially in your savings or as investments in profitable businesses so that immediately you graduate, you won't be broke and beggarly like many fresh graduates are. 

You can have funds to sustain you as you go for NYSC, or search for a  job, or start other businesses, etc. You won't be all justifying being broke because you are a fresh graduate, you can be helping others and even supporting your family, friends, helpless, orphans, etc, if not an entire community to the best of your capacity.

In conclusion, no one has scientifically or even socially proven that students "must be poor". It is a mentality and a dangerous one at that. Embrace productivity and resourcefulness even as a student and start molding your financial future before complains and excuses cloud your dreams as a result of lack of money. 

Now that you know, get ready to start start taking positive actions!

Your Future is bright, Believe it, make it happen!

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