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Saturday, 12 January 2019

How to make this January great in different ways!! (MUST READ)

Happy new year once again!!!! YAY!!!!

The year is almost two weeks old so, it is healthy to say, the year is already running.

This is a special post to add some fuel to making 2019 the year you want it to be.

Here are tips to keep the year actively progressive.

1. If you planned to start any new business and have not raised the initial capital yet, use this period to start gathering more knowledge and information about the business. Conduct random interviews with people who are already in the line of business so that you can have "current" information. Who knows some things you knew or thought may have changed or are outdated. If you need to volunteer to learn more, please do so that when you are ready to shoot, you will aim a lot better.

2. Those documents you have been wanting to get. You know it is not about the money or time, it is about you. This month, create time to go apply, capture bio-metrics details, update the forms or records, submit the application etc. You will be amazed how fulfilling it is when you start crushing your goals. That international passport, that renewal, that licence, that registration, that verification, etc, go and do it and enjoy the rewards of doing what you said you will do. You may be saving yourself penalties and unnecessary wahala in the nearest future.

3. If you are a student, start asking where you you can do some internship. Even if you are not an engineering or technology student, you can volunteer at some organisation during your holidays or strike period to start gaining real life working experience and building relevant workplace contacts way before you graduate. This can make a whole lot of difference in your life  and future.

4. You may be planning to put out some content on social media, create new channels, etc. Start writing, recording with what you have. You can borrow a device from a friend if yours is not capable enough. This is so that you can begin to have little wins here and there and keep yourself motivated. Remember, Amateurs built Noah's ark. You can start as an amateur and grow.

5. Begin that training or programme you have been wanting to start. Go online and search if it is available so you can start anyhow else seek offline channels and get started. You will be amazed how other things will fall in place. Just start, keep learning and developing.

You will win!

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