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Monday, 4 February 2019

Be angry, but do not renew your subscription for madness!

"Warka", "Shege", "You dey craze","thunderfire you!!" - These are not compliments or greetings in any Nigerian Language.

Their usage is more pronounced by drivers, "assistant drivers(front seated passenger)", mostly road users.

The fact that you can use these words very well and rush them in quick succession doesn't mean you are a good or impressive driver. It just shows you too dey craze, abi no be so?

People will get you mad even outside the road,

the internet will be inexplicably slow at some point,

You will go to make a withdrawal after listening to "able God" and the ATM will keep counting that 5000 Naira again and again then eventually tell you "insufficient fund".

You will forget to your charger at your friend's

Many things will make you angry at one point or the other.
Bros, Sis,Oga, Madam, Never take it to the roads.

You may get away with it sometimes, but then your children would have learned a few words and gesticulations too.

You may not flash the middle finger but you will utter a worse word. The kids or younger ones or mentees or fiance or this or that may not say a thing, but you are unleashing what you are made of.
A man or woman that can exercise self control especially "mouth control" when on the road has more potential to be entrusted with greater honour.

Be angry, but do not renew your subscription of madness!

Be patient, Be safe on the roads.

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