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Wednesday, 13 March 2019


This is about preparing for the future you desire.
How many of us learned how to drive before you got your own car? A lot of people will say "me". Why did we do it? We were preparing for better days ahead.

How many of us moved into an apartment before you completed the furnishing and other fine things? However, we had faith that the resources to get them will fall in place gradually.

How many of us saw or were absolutely guaranteed of success in our WEAC or JAMB or School results before we paid the fees? However, we believed if we studied and prepared well, our chances of success would be surer. We registered anyways.

How many of us knew as many roads and places in the city you now reside before you moved or relocated there? However, we knew that overtime, we would learn the city, one street or district at a time. We relocated anyways.

How many of us saw the qualifications of the doctor, pilot, banker, etc. before we trusted them with our health, resources or safety? However, we trusted the brands, the regulatory bodies that certify professionals,etc.

The underlining point is this, we had to trust our instincts, the judgement of others we consider more knowledgeable, the system or regulations, and in many more times, GOD, to get through.

Everyone has faith, we can build it to do more or bigger things. Because of faith, many have hope. Take hope from anyone and life will be over.

Just try again, don't give up your hope, don't loose faith just yet. There is light at the end, maybe it is not so far away from where you are now.

Prepare for the future you desire!

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